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3 Tips to Help You Succeed During Nursing School Clinical’s

 A wise nurse once told me “if you feel comfortable, you’re doing something wrong.”

Working as a tech and a nurse are 2 different roles that become glaringly obvious once you step into the patients room as a nursing student. As a tech you can walk into the room, see a patient who is supposed to be on a Heart Healthy diet, destroying a Big Mac and fries, quietly shut the door, and go get the nurse. As the nurse if you see this… well there’s no one to grab or pass the responsibility to. You are the nurse so you get to go snatch up the fast food, and argue with an angry patient as you try to explain why they should be more compliant with their diet. 

Fun times. 


4 Easy methods to Help You Succeed in Nursing Fundamentals

Nursing fundamentals😒 

Where do I even start? 

During your time as a pre-nursing student, I’m positive that all your friends and even strangers you met in random places told you just how hard nursing school is. You know this (or at least you think you do), but you still walk into your first day of fundamentals thinking that nothing could be more challenging than organic chemistry or Anatomy and physiology. 


How to Successfully Kick Start The Semester

How to Successfully Kick Start The Semester

Hey guys! 

It’s already that time of the year again, and school is back in session! Due to Christmas & New Year, winter break feels like it just comes and goes in an instant. Any who’s, I hope everyone’s semester is off to a great start! From the title, you already know what I’m gonna be chatting with you about. It may be a little late, seeing as the semester already started, or it maybe it’s perfect timing depending on how crappy your semester is going so far. 

Compared to my days as an undergrad, I’ve definitely discovered that a lottttt of prep work has to go into making a semester in nursing school successful. It takes skill to properly kick start the semester! You can’t just show up to class, remember all the assignments due that week, and cram the night before the test. The key to a successful semester is to embrace your inner type A personality and become the overachiever you’ve only ever seen in those corny-cliche high school dramas. You know who I’m talking about. That one character that always knows what’s going on stays one step ahead of the game, and while everyone else is crying and begging the teacher for extra credit, they’re just sitting in a corner chilling.