Welcome to Latte’s & Scrubs!

I’m Kia (not the car brand, just me), a nursing school graduate and new grad ICU nurse with a passion for helping my fellow future nurses! Looking back, my nursing journey was filled with unnecessary obstacles, negative old ladies, lack of self-confidence, and just not knowing jack squat. I got through those hard times with lots of help from Grey’s Anatomy and my desire to become a nurse. During those times, I used to think how great it would be to have someone who could share their knowledge and experience and guide me through this challenging process. After finally graduating from nursing school, I realized I could make that dream come true by helping future nurses through their journey.
No matter where you are in your nursing journey, whether you are a pre-nursing student or a new graduate, my goal is to support you and supply you with the resources you need to be successful! Nursing is a team effort that you should not face alone. I want to be a friend that can help push you and guide you during these difficult times. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you where you need to be!


A Few Things About Me~

  • I graduated nursing school in Dec 2020 and passed my NCLEX in Feb 2021!
  • I am currently a RN working in the Neuroscience ICU
  • I worked as a medical assistant and patient care tech for 3 years before starting nursing school (I worked in many different specialties such as dialysis, oncology, and palliative) 
  • I have a previous bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • Within the next year I plan on applying for Adult Gerontology NP programs (and specializing in Oncology)
  • I have a weird obsession with cute mugs and badge reels with corny jokes
  • Llamas and rabbits are my spiritual animals
  • Donuts and coffee are daily necessities